Commercial Services

We love everything about real estate investing! As investors ourselves, we have come face to face with the challenges that come with roofing, siding, remodeling, and managing big projects. That’s why we built a better way - The Tailor Made Way - to managing turnkey real estate projects.


Turnkey Company

Sometimes your business needs a new place of operations ASAP. That’s where Tailor Made Exteriors comes in. Our turnkey services cover every step involved to open your location, including site selection, negotiations, space planning, construction coordination, and complete installation. From foundation to finish, our certified team can help your business hit the ground running. Swing by and pick up the keys to your new fully equipped and furnished facility!


Custom Decks & Repair

Whether you're improving the campus of your office complex or fixing up a rental property, our outdoor design experts can dream with you to create an outdoor oasis. Your tenants will be connected to nature and you'll never have trouble keeping the property leased when there's an outdoor escape!


Commercial Roof Replacement & Repair

You've got to keep your investment safe! Our commercial roofing team can do just about everything. From flat-top to metal paneled and, of course, all types of shingles. Our roof replacement team can come to your property and give you an estimate for replacement or repair. Don't wait, call today!


Siding Installation & Exterior Repair

Increase your curb appeal with new or restored siding. We love keeping the heart of a building alive by repairing its brick exterior or adding value to a single-family property with maintenance-free siding. Your investments will be protected for years to come and they'll look good doing it!



Your tenants will love your new, energy-efficient windows! It's time to replace those old, cold, stuck windows with a set of windows that can keep the good temps in and everything else out.



Commercial entry doors set the stage for what's waiting on the inside. You never get a second chance at a good first impression!  Protect your properties with secure doors to keep your tenants or offices safe. Or for your rental properties choose doors for your patio, entryway, or interior, we’ll help you install the right doors that fit your style and budget. You hear that? Opportunity’s knocking.


Kitchen Improvement & Design

People spend more time in the kitchen than almost any other room in their home. The first thing a new tenant is going to do is look at the kitchen layout, design, and style. When you’re looking to install or reface cabinets, lay tile or hardwood floors, or put in granite countertops, we have the expertise you need for all your kitchen improvements. Feeling overwhelmed by decisions? Our knowledgeable craftsmen can provide helpful guidance, so you can design a kitchen you’ll love without breaking the bank.


Bathroom Improvement & Design

When you've just purchased an investment property, you'll want to look at two things: the kitchen and bathrooms. When you’re ready to raise that outdated bathroom to a new level of luxury, our responsive craftsmen can help. We specialize in providing hassle-free design for showers, tubs, vanities, water closets. Watch that house get rented in record time!

Tile Installation

Tile is beautiful, durable, and resilient to staining and wear. Whether you’re interested in new flooring, kitchen backsplash, or a bathroom remodel, our experienced team will work with you to create a striking display that showcases your home. Let’s add value to your investment!

Flooring Installation

Your floor leaps out to everyone who first steps into a room. Hardwood, vinyl, carpet, laminate, tile, concrete—no matter the material, we’ll install a floor that makes a great impression. Our budget-conscious craftsmen will keep you informed of what’s involved at every stage of the project and share best practices for extending the life of your investment. Ready to step onto something remarkable?


Illuminate the best features of your home with premier lighting. From security to safety to enhancement, our enlightened team can help you accentuate and distinguish your property from the inside out. Your home has a bright future ahead!


The advantages to a granite countertop add up quickly. This timeless, affordable stone is resistant to heat, moisture, bacteria, staining, chipping, and scratching. Our skilled craftsmen provide an endless selection of styles to cut, install, and prepare to be the crowning centerpiece of your kitchen.


Hardwood floors add warmth and sophistication to the smallest space. Whether you’re looking to sell your home quickly or simply bask in the increased value and beauty of your new living space, we can help. Our accomplished craftsmen will help you choose from a wide range of possibilities to create the effect you’re looking for, including hand-crafted transitions and specialty designs.


A new coat of paint is the easiest way to update your home interior or exterior. We work with all types of surfaces—wood, siding, stucco, and more. Our paint specialists follow a thorough process that involves protecting your area, preparing surfaces, applying new paint, and cleaning up. Plus, we offer staining services for your deck and fence. So, what color would you like to start with?


Concrete / Concrete Flatwork

When you need a new driveway or addition to your backyard sized to your needs and budget, we can help. Our concrete craftsmen can create sidewalks, curbs, gutters, patios, and beyond. We also offer finishing options, including colors, patterned stamped concrete, and specialty sealants. Ready to scratch in your initials when you need a new driveway or addition to your backyard sized to your needs and budget, we can help. Our concrete craftsmen can create sidewalks, curbs, gutters, patios, and beyond. We also offer finishing options, including colors, patterned stamped concrete, and specialty sealants. Ready to scratch in your initials?

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